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Enter the world of modern technology and professional equipment.

Laser technology

We have a wide range of laser devices for weight loss, pain removal and many other miracles.

Elimination of sweating

Don’t you ever want to sweat again? We can reduce sweating in the armpits by up to 80%!

Technology for Aesthetic Medicine

Effectiveness of results, targeted treatment and non-invasive methods.

Service and services

We guarantee fast and reliable service for all products. We provide staff training.

Character Modeling – Verjú

Lose weight or just shape the figure with a cold laser. Easy. No convalescence. No side effects.

Elimination of chronic pain

Using a cold laser. Easy. No convalescence. No side effects.

Are you sweating?
You don’t have to anymore

The miraDry device can remove sweat glands in the armpits within one hour and reduce sweating permanently by up to 80%!


Innovative “body shaping” technology to tone muscles and reduce fat accumulation.

Equipment for cosmetic and medical premises

We are the exclusive distributor of the prestigious German brand Gharieni. Their priority is quality, workmanship, materials and design.